Meet Hope


Hope is a Master Reflexologist and teacher. She is also a Natures Sunshine Products Manager and has her Certification in Natural Health Care. Hope has her Associates in Science from Bay Path College in Longmeadow, Massachusetts and also holds several other certifications in the natural healthcare field.  She continuously takes many other classes to provide you with the best care she possibly can.  

Recharge your body with reflexology


Utilizing ancient principles relating to reflex points,  our capable professionals will use pressure and stimulation to bring  your body into complete balance.  

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Experience physical & emotional renewal


Reflexology works to eliminate pain or disease within  the body, leaving it feeling recharged and full of free-flowing energy. This produces a serene level of relaxation and allows the body and mind  to achieve total tranquility. As a safe alternative to traditional  medicines, reflexology is conducive to overall health and wellness maintenance.  

Reflexology body benefits


- Decrease stress and anxiety
- Increase energy and vigor
- Induce deep relaxation
- Improve overall circulation
- Aid in cleansing toxins
- Open energy pathways
- Lower blood sugar and blood pressure
- Boost immune system
- Stimulate mental alertness
- Relieve emotional and physical pain
- Help with sleeplessness and restlessness

History Lesson: Reflexology 101



Reflexology is a science and an art. It works with  reflex points that correspond to all parts of the body including:  glands, organs, etc. The practice goes back all the way to 4 to 5 thousand years ago in the Chinese and Egyptian cultures. By using  pressure and stimulation and applying these to certain points on the  body, reflexology can eliminate blockages that cause pain or disease. It  is about bringing balance back to the body. 

Allow reflexology to assist you in your life. The  imbalances caused by diet, stress, trauma, and over-use can create  blockages. Those blockages inhibit the free flow of energy. Reflexology  can help relax the body to release the blockages and restore vitality as  well as balance.  

-  Feel recharged and refreshed 

-  Renew physical and emotional strength 

-  Alleviate pain and activate healing forces to build the immune system 

-  Improve cooperation and communication between all bodily systems 

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