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Meet Renee

Renee is an Electrologist licensed with the State of Connecticut and has over 15 years experience helping hundreds of clients regain confidence and  self-esteem by permanently removing unwanted hair.  There is a comfort  knowing that Renee takes the time to listen to each person’s individual  concerns and can come up with an honest plan that will work for his/her particular needs.  

Renee is an Ashford native and enjoys hiking local trails, gardening  and searching for sand glass and cool stones while walking the beach.  

Feel free to call her with any questions you may have.  Renee will be  available for appointments on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Why should I invest in my skin with a facial?

Most people will wait until they encounter a skin  concern (weird breakouts, dry itchy skin, dark spots, etc.) or have an  upcoming special event before coming in for a facial. While this is  totally OK, these frustrating problems can often be deterred by regular  facials and education on the correct at-home products. 

Facials are ideal on a once-a-month basis unless you  have a specific skin concern you are trying to overcome such as acne,  hyper-pigmentation, excessive oiliness or dehydration. In those cases,  you may benefit from a more intensive series of treatments. The  outermost layer of visible skin, the stratum corneum, will completely  renew itself approximately every 28-45 days, depending on your age. In  this time your skin cells are constantly being replicated from the  treated cells to replace the old cells. If you give your skin a head  start with a great facial, your skin cells will begin to replicate the  now healthier cells and your complexion will benefit.  

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