Support Staff

Darlene Reviczky

Darlene joined our team on a part time basis. She is our Team Coordinator. Darlene brings multiple skills to our Center. Her friendly smile greets people who enter our business. Her computer skills  are a huge asset. Among her tasks at our Center, she assists staff with  any area they need help with. Come in and meet our staff. 

Deborah Maccarone, MA

  • Certified Hypnotist 
  • Advanced Study in Educational Psychology

I’ve spent my professional life helping others in the fields of education and psychology. After receiving degrees from Northwestern University and the University of Connecticut, I worked for over 20 years providing services to children and families in local schools and in my private practice.

Several years ago, I found that I needed surgery and frankly, I was scared silly. After doing research, I decided to utilize hypnosis to deal with both my anxiety and the surgery/recovery process. My experience convinced me that I had found a tool that had incredible potential. Not only did my anxiety subside, but I suffered very little pain with the procedure and I healed easily. There was no doubt that this was a process that I needed to master and bring to my clients.

It’s been almost five years now since I pursued training and attained certification as a Consulting Hypnotist. During that time, I’ve had the privilege of working with a wide variety of wonderful people at Hope and Wellness, united in their resolve to utilize their minds to improve their lives. It’s been a n honor to bring the tools to others to help them harness the power of their minds to enhance their lives and achieve their goals. 

Jim York

My name is Jim York and I would like to offer my services to you in the Emergency Response Field. Through CPR & First  Aid you can be prepared to save a life or deal with a medical  emergency. I have been in Emergency Services for 35 Years and a CPR  & First Aid Instructor with the Red Cross for 26 years. I recently retired from the Fire Department and I’m looking forward to serving you.