Wellness Services

We offer all types of wellness treatments


At Hope and Wellness, our skilled team will help you  achieve optimal health using every resource available. We can educate  you on the different avenues and healthcare options that will work best  for your unique situation. 

Nutritional Education


Let’s face it! There is a lot of information (and, sadly, a lot more misinformation) out there on what’s good for you and what isn’t. Trying to learn about a balanced diet, learning to read  nutritional labels, or maybe you have some unique health needs.  

Tongue Analysis


Using the tongue to assess a person’s health is a very  old Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice. The tongue is a doorway to  give us ideas about the health of internal organs of the body by  examining something visible from the outside. The tongue has a map of  the body on it. Discolorations or markings on the tongue in certain  regions of the map may correlate with problems in that area of the body. 

Ion Cleansing/Body Detoxing


 Using an energizing foot bath, ion cleansing can help  your body detox by introducing positive and negative ions to your body.  These ions help regulate your body's pH to strengthen, heal, and balance  your energies. With an ion cleanse, you'll be able to purify your  mental, physical, and spiritual health during each session. 


Due to poor diets, high stress and the greatest amount  of pollution we have ever been exposed to in the history of our planet,  we tend to accumulate and store excessive quantities of waste. 

The Ion Cleanse helps your body start to detox and recharge within seconds to  provide you with an effective way to maintain high energy levels and  long-term wellness.  

Blood Typing


Determine your blood type from a simple finger prick  and create a convenient permanent record card to carry in your purse or  in your car. Use this Card for medical histories and emergencies. Blood Typing can help you understand medical conditions, your strengths and weaknesses, diet profile, proper supplementation and even which exercise is best for you.  

- Blood Typing Service and Permanent Record Card 

- Blood Typing Laminated Wellness Chart 

- Eat Right For Your Type Book Available Upon Request